Lingham Chilli Sauce


"Lingham's Original Chilli Sauce's exquisite flavour stem from a secret and traditional recipe which has been preserved over the last 100 years. Its ingredients continue to be just ripe red chilli peppers, sugar, vinegar and salt blended together to create a truly wonderful all natural multi-use condiment. This exotic, uniquely versatile, sweet and spicy sauce is a common household name throughout the world. Give your food a lift by adding a generous splash of Lingham’s. Use it on everything from Italian to Hamburgers, beef on rye to tuna fish spreads, eggs sunny side up and even a virgin mary or two!"


"Lingham's Chilli Sauce with Garlic is deliciously 100% natural, sweet, hot and savoury with pungent and nutty Garlic taste. The British are not known for their love of garlic but exceptions are made for a bottle of Lingham's chilli sauce with garlic. Spice up your favourite foods, splash it on a sizzler, dress a salad with it, or as a savory delectable dip. Words will be inadequate, but everybody will understand the familiar sound of ‘mmmmm’."

Extra Hot

"Lingham’s Extra Hot is just as flavorsome, and unique as the Original but hotter! A pantry must-have for when you want that little extra kick for your food. Try it in marinades, stir fry’s, soups or just beans on toast, shake it over mash, jacket potatoes, noodles and pasta."
"Lingham’s SriRacha is a tangy hot sauce made in the traditional manner from ripe red hot chilli peppers, distilled vinegar, lots of garlic, plus sugar and salt. It derives it’s name from the coastal city of Si Racha, in the Chonburi Province of eastern Thailand. Sriracha is frequently used as a dipping sauce for Thai foods, and is particularly delicious on seafood. It is also commonly used in Vietnamese cuisine as a condiment for Pho soup noodles, spring rolls and more. "